In addition to our NON-CERTIFICATE Training course
NBT offers the following Nationally Accredited Courses
CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance  (Part Time)

CUA40120 Certficate IV in Dance  (Full time)
CUA51520 Diploma of Professional Dance (Elite Performance)

For information on our Part Time Course please contact
Rider -  0401 214 042

Certificate IV in Dance
CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance
Delivery - Full Time.  Entry by audition only

This Certificate is designed as an introduction to the demands of the professional field for the more advanced student, by deepening their knowledge, strength, and technique. Encompassing a wider range of subjects, and expanding knowledge of each, the CUA40210 Certificate IV in Dance
is the ideal pathway for a Full Time student to increase the intensity of their training, with a focus on their future professional career. 

Cert IV in Dance

Diploma of Professional Dance
(Elite Performance)

CUA51520 Diploma of Professional Dance (Elite Performance)

Delivery - Full Time.  Entry by audition only

CUA51520 Diploma of Professional Dance (Elite Performance) provides excellent training for advanced level dancers who aspire to perform at a professional level. This course is for students seeking to enhance their technical proficiency, strengthen foundations and broaden their repertoire. Students will learn how to showcase their individual talents with an emphasis on choreography, improvisational, solo performance and ensemble techniques.

Diploma of Dance

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Postal Address:  P O Box 60  Cardiff NSW  2285
Studio:  1/89 Mitchell Road Cardiff NSW 2285


If you have any question regarding our Full Time Courses
Please contact the Principals by phone or email

Please do

Secretary  0408 892 343
Co-Principal  Miss Kristy:   0434 417 454
Co-Principal  Mr Rider:   0401 214 042

“Newcastle Ballet Theatre reflects the people that Principals Rider and Kristy are: nurturing and professional. Having a successful professional career themselves, they not only understand the physical technique needed for a professional career but also the mental strength that is equally important. 

I wouldn’t be the dancer or person I am today, if it hadn’t been for their wealth of knowledge and continual guidance.“        
Rebecca Mottin

While NBT focuses on classical ballet, using a mix of Open classes and the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Syllabus as the basis of training, there is also an emphasis on becoming a complete and well rounded dancer. These Certificates assist in that aim by structuring the course of study over a variety of related subjects.
Students wishing to attend our Full Time Course, but do not wish to underdtake the Certificates of Dance will do practical assessments along side the certificate studies time.  As with International students they will be issued with assessment report at the end of the year.

Non Certificate Full Time  Course
Dancers wishing to pursue full time training without studying toward a Certificate, are welcome at NBT.  As the course is ballet based, dancers who have already achieved a qualification at or above a Certificate IV, or who simply want to train in the studio, will benefit greatly from NBT’s well regarded faculty and training methods.
Whether pursuing a government accredited qualification, or simply wishing to improve technique, immersion in NBT’s training will strengthen and mature any dancer who commits to the work required.

Courses Offered: All Nationally Accredited training is delivered under a partnership agreement with the

Who we are
Please email or call Rider on 0401214042
for details and to arrange your audition.

Our Full Time Dancers train apporximately 30 hours a week, Tuesday-Saturday. In addition, Full Time Dancers will have access to all the after school classes at no extra cost.

The Full Time Program is designed for the serious student wishing to pursue a career in dance. The course aims to increase, improve, and refine technique, strength, knowledge and presentation. In addition, students in the program will have the opportunity to receive private coaching, helping to build them into not only stronger technicians and dancers, but also intelligent artists - ultimately preparing the student to enter directly into a career with a professional ballet company.

In addition to a Mide Year Showcase, NBT annually performs classical ballet productions – such as Cinderella, Paquita, The Nutcracker and Swan Lake Act II,  

All of NBT’s teachers are ex-professionals with substantial careers as professional dancers, and many years of teaching experience. NBT has placed students into the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, the Australian Ballet School, Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Queensland Ballet Pre-Professional Year, and Victorian State Ballet Secondments.

This is a ballet based course only. Academic studies can be continued through the Department of Distance Education or Home schooling, arranged by individual students and families. NBT will provide facilities and study time, built into the daily schedule as needed.

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2021 Full Time  Graduate - Jasmine Dodd         Photo by Mel Young Photography

2020  Full Time Certificate IV Student  -   Denzel Parsons

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Students enrolling in our Full Time courses may be eligible to

receive income support. For Centrelink purposes, eligibility for student payments are dependent on the course being approved  . Please contact Centrelink to explore your eligibility for other income support payments as this is based on an individual’s personal circumstances.
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Professional Programs Prospectus
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Part time Program

A 2½ days per week intensive training program offering CUA30120  Certificate III in dance.  
Nationally Accredited training course is delivered under a Partnership Agreement with the ATOD RTO 31624

The Part Time Program is open to Intermediate and Advanced dancers regardless of academic year, school, or studio affiliation. 
This program operates in conjunction with local schools; If your academic school requires more information regarding the structure of the Part Time  Program, we will be happy to speak with them.

Each Monday, Part Time Program dancers will have a half day of classes. Part Time Program dancers also completely integrate into Full Time Program classes one day during the week, as well as Saturdays. This integration is a wonderful opportunity for Part Time Program Dancers to experience and understand the demands of joining a Full Time Program.
Completion of a CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance is a useful introduction to Vocational training, allowing the dancer to continue academic studies while increasing the intensity of their dance training. 

Please email or phone Rider on 0401 214 045 for further information.

NBT Alumna Rebecca Mottin

Certificate III in Dance

CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance    

Delivery  -  Part Time.  

An introduction to more intensive vocational dance training. Structured with classical ballet as the focus, dancers strengthen and improve their overall classical technique, pointe work, partnering skills, and contemporary training, as well as learn repertoire, & rehearse for and participate in two performances annually.
The theory work associated with CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance begins to challenge younger dancers to look critically at their own artistry and the needs of their bodies to perform at the highest level possible.