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Newcastle Ballet Theatre

Newcastle Ballet Theatre teaches the BC SYLLABUS

Christine Walsh quotes:

"Most professional ballet companies give classes in the Russian Style because of its acknowledged strength and performing qualities, it is therefore more logical to teach students this method from the early stages right through their training years"


The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Levels
Please note these ages are approximate only and may vary
depending on students level.

Pre-Primary - Ages 6 - 7
Primary - Ages 7 - 8
Preparatory Level 1 - Ages 7 - 10
Level 1 - Ages 8 -11,   
Level 2 - Ages 9 - 12  
Level 3 - Ages 10 - 13    
Level 4 - Ages 11 - 14
Level 5 and Senior Level - Ages 13 - 16
Excellence (15 years and over)


Newcastle Ballet Theatre is an approved  Active Kids & Creative Kids Provider

Enrolments are now being taken for 2021.

Call  now or email nbt1@live.com.au to arrange your
FREE TRIAL CLASS   (Please note the Free Trial does not apply to the Adult Classes)  

For more information.
Phone Rider  0401 214 042   
Ms Kristy  0434 417 454   or
Miss Amelia  0414 220 654

Miss Amelia with Pre-Primary students

In addition to the above classes we also offer:

Private Tuition: - Private tuition is available for beginners through to professional levels. Classes are tailored to suit the needs of the individual student. To enquire about availability, please contact us.

BC Examinations - BC Exams will be held annually. These exams are not compulsory but are encouraged as we feel it gives the students something to work towards and a sense of accomplishment. Students will participate in exams at the discretion of the principals and under the advisement of Ms. Walsh so as to not push a student through an exam they may not be ready for.

Eisteddfods: Students wishing to participate in eisteddfods are encouraged, however they must have one private lesson each week, leading up to the eisteddfod, to learn their dances. All dances must be choreographed by a faculty member, or guest teacher, and all costumes must be approved by a faculty member.

Concerts: - NBT Holds two concerts each year where all students are invited to participate & showcase what they have learned throughout the year. It is a great chance for students to gain performance experience on the stage and at the same time have fun.

Open Days: - We ask that parents do not watch classes as we feel this is a distraction for the students. However, the last week of Terms 1, 2 & 3 we have an open week where parents/grandparents are welcome to come and watch any of their childs classes. We will not have an open week in term 4 as we will be working on their concert dances

Contemporary dance uses the body in a variety of ways, being influenced by both classical ballet and modern dance. It encourages freedom of movement and creativity as well as core strength and control. Students may learn choreographed works, or be encouraged to improvise.

These classes emphasize musicality, rhythm, energy, and performance. Full of personality, Jazz is most often seen in the commercial and entertainment industries.

For ages 2 - 3 yrs and 4 - 5 yrs, these classes are designed as a preparation for the pre-primary syllabus where the little ones explore their creativity, building
co-ordination and confidence all while having lots of fun

A fun, friendly, and informal class for men and women who have always wanted to learn ballet, or those who may want to re-learn after a bit of time away. Open to all levels of fitness and experience, these classes offer improved flexibility, strength, and body awareness, and are a fantastic way to get fit and toned while experiencing the joy of Classical Ballet &  Contemporary Dance.  

Our Beginners Class is on Monday  7:15 - 6:15 pm

Contemporary Class is on Thursday  7:00 - 6:00 pm
Open Classical Ballet Class Saturdays  9:30 - 10:30am    
See further details on our Timetable page   

These  classes start with a warm up consisting of strength training and some flexibility work.  Then we do progressions down the mat.  
Some skills the students will work on are:
forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers and  round-offs. And progressing to more challenging skills from there.
It is a really fun class that focuses on learning ACRO skills safely and with spotting.

BC SYLLABUS CLASSES (Formerly ACB Syllabus): This Syllabus uses a Russian Vaganova based method of classical ballet training.

The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet has now officially changed it’s name to Ballet Conservatoire.  This change has come about as the Syllabus now has a rapidly
growing International presence.  

The Australian Conservatoire of Ballet Syllabus was created by former Australian Ballet Principal Dancer Christine Walsh AM. As a 12 year program, it is designed to meet the needs of ballet students who are unable to take full time dance training from a young age. This training and assessment program emphasizes correct placement, dynamics and performance quality which are all inherent in the Vaganova method. The program aims to develop in the student a professional attitude which will assist them in their pursuit of a career either as a professional dancer or dance teacher.

These classes are a great compliment to the Syllabus work.   As most auditions are conducted in an open format, with each combination new and taught during class, open classes are an excellent learning tool. While needing to think quickly and maintain proper technique, the student has the opportunity to express themselves through the movement and grow as a dancer and performer.

The basics of ballet technique are the same for girls and boys. But, like girls with their pointe work, boys have their own particular steps and physical demands. Boys not only have a different energy than girls, they can also learn differently. Each ballet class must work through the basics, but the emphasis in Boys class is on those steps that define the male technique - turning and leaping - often at the same time. If you have a boy interested in ballet, this is the class for them!  
                                                                                                                                 DEMONSTRATION BY STUDENT

Pas de Deux translates to “step for two”, and is an umbrella term for partnering work in classical ballet. As a dancer’s technique improves, this skill becomes necessary. Learning to trust and communicate with a partner is a vital component to the growth and development of a dancer.
Pas de deux is open to Senior female dancers en pointe

Photo by Mel young Photography

Boys Classes


Now taking enrolments for 2022 Enrolment Day Saturday January 15th  10am - 1pm

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